• Tenga Flip Hole

    Tenga Flip Hole

    Flip Hole-White A Blanket Of Bliss Awaits Within! Experience the supple texture…

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  • Tenga Delta

    Tenga Delta

    Delta Dual-Angle Vibrator The TENGA Δ (Delta) is a simple vibrator with…

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  • Tenga SVR Series

    Tenga SVR Series

    Trembling Thrills For Partnered Pleasure Enhance the sensations of partnered pleasure, for…

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  • Tenga VI-BO Series

    Tenga VI-BO Series

    LOVE & VI-BO! The first couple’s vibrators from the TENGA brand! These…

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  • Tenga Cool Edition Series

    Tenga Cool Edition Series

    Original Vacuum Cup (Cool Edition) Beat The Heat With COOL TENGA! COOL…

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  • Tenga Keith Haring Series

    Tenga Keith Haring Series

    To Enjoy Sexuality! This is not something to be ashamed of, or…

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  • Tenga Hole Warmer

    Tenga Hole Warmer

    Hole Warmer Heat Things Up! Heat up your TENGA experience! The HOLE…

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  • Tenga Men’s Loupe

    Tenga Men’s Loupe

    Men's Loupe Sperm Observation Kit For Smartphones Of all couples having problems…

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  • Tenga Vacumm Controller

    Tenga Vacumm Controller

    Vacuum Controller Suction On Your Command! Vacuum control at your fingertips! The…

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  • Tenga Lubricant Series-Hole Lotion

    Tenga Lubricant Series-Hole Lotion

    Lubricants Designed For Use With TENGA! To maximize your enjoyment of all…

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  • Tenga Lubricant Series-Play Gel

    Tenga Lubricant Series-Play Gel

    Easy To Wipe Off, Playtime Lubricants! Play Gel Rich Aqua 150 ml …

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  • Tenga Spinner Series

    Tenga Spinner Series

    Go For a Spin! As men who have needs and wants, we…

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  • Tenga Flex Series

    Tenga Flex Series

    Flex Silky White Gentle & strong spiraling ribs embrace with delightful suction!…

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  • Tenga Flip Zero Series

    Tenga Flip Zero Series

    Flip 0 (Zero) White Zeroing in on the Possibilities of Pleasure Using…

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  • Tenga 3D Series

    Tenga 3D Series

    Sculpted Ecstasy Reversal of Convention Creates Sculpted Ecstasy Considering the process of…

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  • Tenga Air-Tech Series-Twist Edition

    Tenga Air-Tech Series-Twist Edition

    Air-Tech Twist Custom Strength Cup (Tickle) Rugged nubs for intense stimulation The…

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  • Tenga Air-Tech Series-VC Edition

    Tenga Air-Tech Series-VC Edition

    Air-Tech-Reuseable Vacuum CUP VC (Regular) A New Stage In Suction! Experience suction…

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  • Tenga Air-Tech Series-Standard Edition

    Tenga Air-Tech Series-Standard Edition

    Air-Tech Reuseable Vacuum Cup (Regular) Great Stimulation Unlike Any Other! Discover the…

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  • Tenga Air-Tech Series-Fit Edition

    Tenga Air-Tech Series-Fit Edition

    Air-Tech Fit Reuseable Vacuum Cup (Regular) Great Stimulation Unlike Any Other! Discover…

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  • Tenga Pocket Series

    Tenga Pocket Series

    Pocket Wave Line Smooth Stimulation Of Endless Waves! Pleasure beyond your hand,…

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  • Tenga Egg Series-Season 01

    Tenga Egg Series-Season 01

    Egg Wavy Waves of stimulation! Multiple layers of large, flexible, wavy ribs…

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  • Tenga Egg Series-Season 02

    Tenga Egg Series-Season 02

    Egg Twister Spiral of sensations! A whirlwind of pleasure squeezes you all…

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  • Tenga Egg Series-Season 03

    Tenga Egg Series-Season 03

    Egg Thunder Electric invigoration! The big, strong vertical ribs that run up…

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  • Tenga Egg Series-Season 04

    Tenga Egg Series-Season 04

    Egg Cloudy Your ticket to Cloud 9! Lose yourself in this cloud…

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  • Tenga Egg Series-Season 05

    Tenga Egg Series-Season 05

    Egg Wavy II Overlapping Waves of Stimulation! Bold, rippling ridges overlap to…

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  • Tenga Egg Series-Season 06

    Tenga Egg Series-Season 06

    Egg Tornado Spiraling Ribs of Satisfaction! Detailed nubs form a tornado of…

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  • Tenga Egg Series-Limited Edition

    Tenga Egg Series-Limited Edition

    Egg Twinkle Limited Edition For Winter Only! Inside the sleek designer exterior…

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  • Tenga Cup Series-Standard Edition

    Tenga Cup Series-Standard Edition

    Original Vacuum Cup (Standard Edition) The Ultimate Suction Experience With its hourglass…

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  • Tenga Cup Series-Soft Edition

    Tenga Cup Series-Soft Edition

    Deep Throat Cup (Soft Edition) Deliciously Clinging Fellatio! The ultimate and delicious…

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  • Tenga Cup Series-Hard Edition

    Tenga Cup Series-Hard Edition

    Deep Throat Cup (Hard Edition) The Ultimate Deep Throat Experience! The deliciously…

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  • Tenga Cup Series-SD Edition

    Tenga Cup Series-SD Edition

    Deep Throat Cup SD (Standard Edition) Short Size & Direct Top Custom!…

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  • Tenga Cup Series-US Edition

    Tenga Cup Series-US Edition

    Original Vacuum Cup (U.S. Size) Ultra-Strong Suction! Ultra Size, Super Vacuum! The…

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  • Tenga Iroha

    Tenga Iroha

    Inviting Softness, Delicate Smoothness Iroha is coated in a soft, supple material…

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  • Tenga Iroha Zen

    Tenga Iroha Zen

    Mindful Pleasure The iroha zen brings iroha's unique Soft-Touch Silicone to everyone…

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  • Tenga Iroha+

    Tenga Iroha+

    Mindful Pleasure Redefining pleasure for women with iroha. A new step forward…

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  • Tenga Iroha Mini

    Tenga Iroha Mini

    Mindful Pleasure From the makers of female self-care brand "iroha" comes a…

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  • Tenga Iroha Fit

    Tenga Iroha Fit

    Mindful Pleasure From the makers of the female self-care brand iroha comes…

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  • Tenga Iroha Stick

    Tenga Iroha Stick

    Mindful Pleasure From the makers of female self-care brand iroha comes portable…

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