METTAL brake pads are high performance pads that offer a very board temperature and performance range. The pads are effective at both cold temperature as well as the higher temperatures seen during performance riding.

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Organic (Resin)
● Made from a mixture of fibers held together with a resin
● Don’t offer the same bite as sintered and semi-metallic pads do
● Do not perform well in heat and wet conditions
● The quickest brake pads wear among all
● Wear down even faster than normal in wet and muddy conditions

Semi Metallic (Organic + Sintered)
● Made from a mixture of organic brake pad and sintered brake pads
● Still stop very well but not as good as sintered
● Perform moderate in wet and dry conditions
● Not lasting as sintered brake pads do
● Cost you careful and proper bedding-in for best performance

Sintered (Metallic) – WE ARE THIS –
● Made from fusing of metallic particles under heat and pressure
● The best among all and offer the best stopping and lasting power
● Perform the best in wet and dry conditions
● The most durable and long-lasting
● Functions well under extreme temperatures

WARNING: Pads must be inspected periodically to minimize disc damage does not result due to overly work pads. Pads are considered fully worn when the friction material reaches 2mm in thickness.